Broken Arrow Business Tax Preparer

Broken Arrow Business Tax Preparer

At High Tower Business Solutions, we often see annual tax preparation for businesses as crisis management. The money was spent and decisions of spending throughout the year already took place – but now there are big problems because no one has prepared properly! Our team at High Tower Business Solutions in Broken Arrow are accounting professionals that are ready with innovative solutions. We want to help alleviate this problem by providing both business and individual tax planning services that will give you peace-of-mind when it comes time to file your return next April.


Small business owners and entrepreneurs need their books in order to be prepared for tax time. At Hight Tower Business Solutions in Broken Arrow, we help you create a system that will allow  easy compliance so taxes are not a headache!


During your tax appointment, we will walk through the entire process with you. We’re here to answer any questions that arise and help take some of this burden off. It helps to know what’s coming, so tax season isn’t such a guessing game!


I recommend getting an initial projection as soon as possible. This is  because tax planning is more beneficial than waiting until April or later when deadlines approach – especially if there are big changes in life before then which could affect your after-tax income numbers.

High Tower Business Solution Services

Here is a list of our services

  • Bookkeeping– maintaining an accurate record of expenses in the company. This is vital for a thriving company
  • Taxes and Accounting– We help prepare businesses for tax season as well as help them file. This eliminates added stress tax season can provide
  • Self-prepare– We provide an option to self prepare your taxes through our website
  • Payroll– Our team uses simple processes to take the administrative task of payroll off the hands of business owners, so they can focus on income producing tasks for their business.
  • Business Consulting– One of our biggest goals is to come alongside businesses and help them thrive. That is why we have a consulting program to help business owners come along and give them solutions and strategies to succeed!

At High Tower Business Solutions, our passion is to help businesses. We have several services such as bookkeeping and payroll to help businesses thrive. Our number one priority is handling administrative work for our clients. That way our clients can focus on cultivating their business.

We are Passionate About Helping You

Now is a perfect time to contact us about tax preparation. We are eager to help you with your taxes this year. Now more than ever, taxes can be overly complicated and difficult to navigate. It would be our privilege at High Tower Business Solutions to help you be a financially successful and stable company. We have the tools and experience necessary to ensure your business has an organized hassle-free tax filing experience. In addition, we want to make sure you’re not having to pay additional costs out of pocket. We review and prepare your company’s taxes ahead of time to allow for the best result come filing time.

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We would love to work with your business for all of your bookkeeping needs. If you would like to learn more about us, simply visit our website at If you would like to request a free quote, you can fill out our online form, and a member of our team will connect with you shortly to discuss your needs and how we can assist you.

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At High Tower Business Solutions, we are committed to providing affordable, confidential, and customized bookkeeping services for business owners just like you.