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If you are looking for a professional team to help with your business tax needs, Hightower Business Solutions is here for you!


Starting a business is quite an adventure. It is full of ups and downs. One of the biggest parts of a business is finances. It is a misnomer that if you start a business, you are automatically a financial genius. It is important to evaluate strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes, it is a much better option to hand over your finances to a professional team. Here at Hightower Business Solutions, we know what it takes to have a successful business. Keeping finances in check and in order is such an important part. Taxes can be one of the most overwhelming parts of finances. We are trained to help guide you and take on that responsibility so you can focus on your business!

Tax Services

One of the biggest pieces of taxes in business is tax planning. We see time and time again businesses scrambling come tax season because of poor spending/money management prior to tax time. At Hightower we strive to ensure you have the tools you need all year long to properly and successfully manage tax season.


We typically set up a tax planning session where we go over overspending, tax, and money strategies to make you successful the whole year. We like to create an individualized plan for our customers. We tailor our plans to your specific business, profit margin, etc.


In addition, when tax season arrives, we help you gain the biggest savings by exploring every avenue. This takes time and preparation- something we can provide your business. Accurate bookkeeping is critical. Hightower has a bookkeeping system that helps keep financials throughout the whole year organized. If your bookkeeping is organized, then that makes tax time way less of a nightmare. So don’t let taxes intimidate you from starting or growing your business. Partner with Hightower so we can help you grow your business through smart business planning, and financial cohesion. We will pull out all the stops to ensure your financial success.

Passion for Business

Our founder Rebecca Olson is passionate about business and entrepreneurship. Being a business owner herself, she understands the passion and commitment it takes to own a business. This is why she puts a huge emphasis on assisting businesses with their financial needs. Hightower specializes in business consulting to help businesses run successfully.

Our business consulting provides a number of services

  • Quickbooks
  • New Business
  • Entity Structuring
  • Corporate and LLC Restructuring

In today’s world, it can be tough finding an experienced and knowledgeable tax company that you trust with your future success. At Hightower, we not only have years of experience but also offer services tailored specifically towards helping make sure each client gets exactly what they need from us. Whether it’s one project or many projects; we can keep you organized, so you can focus on running your business without stressing out about tax season or financials.