Broken Arrow Taxes & Accounting

High Tower Business Solutions provides a stress-free approach to taxes and accounting. We know that tax season is often viewed negatively, causing incredible frustration for businesses and individuals alike. Our goal is to eliminate that negativity, empowering individuals by planning for tax time throughout the year.

Tax Planning

At High Tower Business Solutions, we often see annual tax preparation for businesses as crisis management. The money was spent, and decisions of spending throughout the year already took place. We strive to offer a much better solution. Our team of Broken Arrow accounting professionals provides tax planning services both for businesses and even individuals alike. By properly planning, our clients are prepared and have no surprises once it comes time to file their annual tax returns.


During your tax planning appointment, we will walk through the entire process with you, answering any questions that you may have. By providing you with an initial tax projection as you start a new year, we help take the guesswork out of taxes.

Business Taxes

Business taxes easily become quite complex. Without proper planning and documentation throughout the year, filing taxes for your business can quickly become your worst nightmare. We partner with small business owners and entrepreneurs to plan and prepare for tax time. By establishing streamlined procedures and accurate Broken Arrow bookkeeping, we ensure that your business is tax-ready!

Personal Taxes

Not only do we help clients with their business tax preparation and planning, but we also offer these services to individuals. Whether your taxes seem straightforward or complex, we will create a plan that maximizes your deductions and provides you with the best outcome possible.


Through proper tax planning, we will eliminate the stress and frustration that surrounds tax time. Our goal is to empower you by providing tax solutions customized to your needs.

Specialty Broken Arrow Taxes & Accounting

At High Tower Business Solutions, our team has more than 47 years of combined experience. Because of this, we can offer specialty tax planning and preparation services. Some of the more complex situations we assist our clients include offers in compromise, tax warrants, sales tax, mixed-use tax reporting, and multi-state income tax assistance. We also specialize in Oklahoma tax commission tax settlements.


Whatever your situation, we will simplify your taxes and provide you with a plan to help you succeed. The team at High Tower Business Solutions is dedicated to providing each of our clients with the knowledge and tools they need, eliminating the guesswork and uncertainty often present during taxes. Contact us today for more information regarding our customized approach to Broken Arrow taxes & accounting, planning, and preparation!

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At High Tower Business Solutions, we are committed to providing affordable and customized tax and accounting services for business owners just like you.